Reflections of a Muslim Mom: Why President Obama’s Mosque Visit Was Personal

When President Obama won the election in 2008 my family and I was among the millions that shuffled through the crowded subways of Washington DC to catch a glimpse of the first African-American President.  We stood among the brave souls who gathered along the road side on that frigid January day to catch a glimpse […]


50 Shades of Grey Matter: Exercise and The Brain

As I near 40 I am becoming more interested in the science behind aging, or rather delaying the negative effects of aging as long as I can.  I don’t mind getting older, as long I can still look good and feel great.  Part of that interest…which translates as research to me is around “brain plasticity” […]


To Dr. Larycia Hawkins, With Solidarity & Love

An Open Letter from Black Muslim Women Earlier this week, Larycia Hawkins, a tenured Professor of Political Science at Wheaton College was placed on administrative leave following remarks she made about the “relationship of Christianity to Islam.” The specific remarks in question, “We worship the same God,” were shared on Dr. Hawkins private Facebook account […]


Turkey Breakfast Patties

I think these turkey breakfast patties are the best I’ve made yet. YOU’VE GOT TO TRY THEM Homemade Turkey Breakfast Patties Ingredients 2lbs Ground Turkey 1/4 cup minced onion 1/4 cup minced Granny Smith Apple (remove skin) 1/4 cup minced red pepper Homemade Seasoning Seasoning * 11/2 teaspoons rubbed sage * ½ teaspoon thyme * […]


Mu'mine Activewear Review

Mu’mine Activewear Review When reviewing activewear for Muslim women I look for several things.  I workout outside as well as in the gym so I am often in a coed environment so I look for clothes that are comfortably loose, long enough to cover my butt. In addition one of the main things I look […]


Dear Muslim Parents LIVING IN THE WEST

Dear Muslim Parents We are once again placed in an inexplicable situation since they have identified the shooter in recent Mass-Shooting incident San Bernardino California as someone with a “Muslim name”. You like me as a practicing Muslim who abhor not just the act of killing innocent people but even more so that someone who […]