5 Things Muslim Women Should Never Do In Ramadan

#1 Eat Pancakes For Sahoor (Breakfast) Pancakes and syrup, even the all-natural Maple syrup from the tree, are simple sugars that’s going to give you an insulin spike then a crash. The little bit of energy you would have had until 12-noon will be cut short and you will find yourself feeling fatigue and brain […]


Ramadan is Coming RUN!

Ramadan is coming…RUN! By Mubarakah Ibrahim As a health and fitness coach one of my biggest concern for Muslims during Ramadan is dehydration. Because Ramadan will occur during the longest and hottest days of year it is inevitable that every fasting person will become dehydrated at some point in the month. It only takes one […]


Ramadan Survival: Hydration

With the long hot days of July coinciding with the annual Ramadan fast health concerns arise in the minds of Health and Fitness Professionals who fear lack of awareness for proper eating and hydration may be a deficit in Ramadan. It is estimated that 70% of American walk around on a daily basis dehydrated. In Ramadan […]


Can a Little Fasting Help?

Benefits of Sunnah of Intermittent Fasting For Weight Loss Calorie-restricting diets have been around for centuries. To lose weight it makes sense: the fewer calories you eat, the more weight you’ll lose. But eating too few calories can be dangerous for your health and makes it hard to keep weight off long-term. So what should […]