4 Ways To Manage Your Time and Get More Done

#1: Start Your Day With a Full Cup.

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Have you ever gotten through a busy day and just felt drained.  Like you were a robot on autopilot with no time even for yourself.  I used to feel like that all the time, then I decided that all that #selfcare needed to daily action.  

I don’t look at social media until after TOP 3: Prayer, Meditation and Workout.  

The morning hours of 6am-8am is my sacred non-negotiable time. This allows me to prioritize and start my day with the things that are the most essential to my spiritual, mental and physical health.  I wear a lot of hats and most of them require me to show up and give. I’m a wife, mother of four, coach and mentor on a daily basis. I can not give to the people that depend on me if I am not fully present mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

#2 Prioritize the Priority

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I am very focused on certain goals, which require daily action.  Other things in my life also require me to put in work. That may be finishing a client program, planning book marketing, recording a video for a new online program.  Those of some of the things that rotate on my to-do list on a daily basis.  

I need to do those things BEFORE tending to the needs of people in the outer circle.  So I don’t check emails before 12:00 Noon. Checking emails first thing in the morning puts you in defensive mode. Emails are almost always a request or to do. It causes you to spend time responding to other people’s needs and priorities instead of your own.  


#3 Draw Lines

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Being an entrepreneur can blur timelines.  You are never truly NOT working because even when you’re not you may be thinking about your business.  You have to CREATE lines that allow you to unplug. I have drawn a line at 9:00PM. I don’t do work after 9:00PM (Most nights ) Okay this one I’m still working on, but have made a lot of progress. I still find myself responded to social media messages from clients if I’m online but I’ve been trying to avoid this too. 


#4 Show Up When Invited

laughterBeing present with friends and family has been a conscious effort for me this year. Despite my seemingly constant social media presence when I’m invited to dinner or social event that calls for interaction I leave my phone in my pocket. Even if there are picture worthy food and people I may take a picture or two to post later but always bring myself back to being present.  Always having a phone in your hand can be dismissive of those around you. So we may talk about some things I’ve posted on social media but I’m not posting on social media while we are talking. 

Human contact can not be replaced with a picture or a comment under a post. The energy from a laugh is not an algorithm that can be changed. Time is an irreplaceable commodity. And how you spend your time says a lot about who you are and what you value. 

I’d love to know if any of these tips were helpful and how you have intentionally used your time. Let me know in the comments below.



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