5 Fitness Foods for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]In this day of getting in shape, Muslimah fitness is not the only thing that helps us become healthy. Eating right is an important element. Which foods to eat is a challenge for many women. Here are five Muslimah fitness foods.

Avocado – This green little miracle helps keep your body strong and helps with pain. The secret to an avocado is that it will help lower cholesterol. Research has shown that just a few slices each day of the avocado would help boost a woman’s fat intake which will improve her muscle and joint strength for Mulsimah fitness.

Whole Grain Bagels – Carbohydrates are actually prime workout food. You do not want the simple carbohydrates because they will build you up and tear you down. What you really need is the complex carbohydrates, which comes in the form of whole grains. So using this advice, you could have a whole grain bagel before you even begin your exercise and the digestion will become slower because of the fiber. You will have energy at a steady pace, which will boost your Muslimah fitness levels, instead of one big ball of energy.

Bananas – This high-potassium fruit is a quick solution for helping with muscle cramps. When a person lacks sodium, they begin having muscle cramps. A banana also plays the part of a carbohydrate that gives a lot of energy. If you ate at least one banana a day you would be getting roughly 400 milligrams of potassium and 29 grams of carbs. That’s what you get when you eat roughly 2 slices of bread that is whole wheat.

Berries – If you are searching for antioxidants to put into your body then you need to search no further. The researchers from the USDA have named fresh berries one of the 20 richest foods that have antioxidants. Even when you eat just a handful of blueberries, raspberries, or blackberries among other berries you will take in nutrients that help to protect your muscles from free radical damage that may come from exercising. If you are shopping for them, pick the darker and deeper shades. They are the healthiest for Muslimah fitness.

Carrots – One half cup of these vegetables and you only get 35 calories. To some carrots taste like a crunchy candy. Others may not believe that because they don’t like them, but one thing you can believe is that carrots provide energy to your muscles for Muslimah fitness because they have complex carbohydrates and potassium to help with controlling your blood pressure as well as muscle cramps.

By Vladimir C Murray
Vladimir is a freelance health writer who has written extensively on health related topics. He has BSc. in Psychology and runs own business.

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