Another Way … My Journey Into Keto

25lbs. Down and 12% Reduction in Body Fat.
Hesitantly, I share my  transformation after all I’m a personal trainer, health & fitness expert and weight loss coach with 20 yrs experience.  I have over my career acquired over a dozen fitness and nutrition certification and an interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, Public Health and Psychology.  I know the science of exercise and nutrition.  I am disciplined and I have through 4 kids and a 20 year career literally transformed myself and hundreds of women by helping then shed thousands of pounds.

I’m not suppose to struggle with my weight.


The Struggle is Real

Starting in 2015 life threw me several curve balls. I had a cancer scare which made me change course direction and close my personal training business and go back to school.

In the middle of that huge life redirect I was still a wife and mom and life continued on its own course. One of my children started to struggle with their mental health.  Through several extended stay hospitalizations for my child and the overwhelm of being a returning college student everything, including me, began to spiral out of control.

I tried to continue my exercise routine because I knew it was important for my own mental health, but in truth I probably skipped one too many.  My eating habit still included lots of greens but one too many chocolate chip cookies.

My Attempt to Take Control

I knew I was losing control of my weight and if I wanted to continue on this course the stellar health I was so proud of would soon follow. I know the research and I know my family history.  Maintaining a healthy weight and a active lifestyle is the only way I am able to avoid the diabetes that is so prevalent to my mother’s side of the family and the high blood pressure that caused the stoke that took my father’s life when he was only 55.    I was acutely aware that my outside was a reflection of the emotional stress and the upheaval of my life that was happening and it was significantly effecting my health. Prayer and mindful meditation was keeping me afloat but it wasn’t melting the fat.
Once my child was stable, and school was over I put in every effort I could to lose the weight.  I began to track my calories based on my calculated basal metabolic rate using my body percentage and BMI, 1455 Kcal to be exact. I even anally weighed my food portions for 30 days to re-familiarize myself with what a portion actually look like.  I ate 5 meals a day, 3 meals and 2 snack, never going more than 4 hours without food.  I increased my protein to help boost my metabolism.   I exercised 5-6 days a week incorporating both cardio and resistance training.  And I still struggled to lose the “stress weight” (i.e. insomnia cookie weight) I gained. But not for the lack of trying.

Frustrated (and desperate) I went to my doctor and had her run a complete metabolic panel, test my thyroid, and every other test we could think of …. TWO YEARS in a row. There had to be something wrong with my body.  I almost hoped she’d tell me something was wrong because then I wouldn’t be. Really, not only did I need answers for my own weight problem but I didn’t want all the advice I had been given women over the years to be wrong. 
But after all the test were back everything seemed normal and my doctor simply said “it just comes with age, your lifestyle is healthy, you have no health issues so I’m not concerned”. She wasn’t concerned BUT I WAS CONCERNED.
As I told her, I’m doing everything right.  I know this effort.  I’m was following all my own advice, even got a personal training at the gym.  And the same program that helped my clients collectively lose thousands of pounds over the years was not working for me … and I created it 

The Turning Point

That was a turning point for me. I began to understand that there is no ONE weight loss approach.  Just as I explain to people that the title “healthy food” is completely relative.  Honey is considered a “healthy food”.  It’s natural and full of health benefits but could put a diabetic in a coma.  Eating plans for weight loss, as I discovered are just as relative. 
Although I enjoy social media I don’t use it to create a weight loss plan.  I wasn’t going to start grasping at straws hoping something works.  Crash diets have never been my thing.  I’m all about the physiology of the body and science (hence the degree in Exercise Science). 
So I pulled out my old college notes from my exercise and nutrition class and started to look at the information on the science of  ketogenic diet then began looking for more recent studies. I read and researched for nearly a year before I started to apply it. I wanted to make sure I could apply it practically to my lifestyle.  I wanted to make sure this wasn’t just about weight but also about my health.  Hitting the big 4-0 was is a sobering reminder that age happens.  I personally don’t plan on “growing old gracefully”.  I’m gonna fight that “motha” every step of the way.  
So as I discovered that ketogenic eating also boost nutrient absorption making healthy meals even healthier, reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity and literally detoxifies the body on cellular level I was ready for this journey.

I already monitored my carb intake from following my previously written program, it didn’t exceed 40% of my total daily calories so I was very familiar what foods has carbs and how many (note: EVERYTHING except animal protein has carbs).  As a result knowing what to eat came pretty easy for me.  The most challenging part was mentally convincing myself that even whole-grain and fruits had to be avoided.  And giving myself permission to slather butter on my food was initially mental torture, delicious torture but torture all the same. 🙂
But I was committed to giving this new lifestyle a try.  “believe the science and trust the process” became my mental affirmation.  First I started to notice a difference in my energy and my mental focus (literally by the end of week one) and the scale finally started to drop…rapidly.  Week one, 4 pounds
Week two 3 pounds
Week three another 2 pounds…. and 25 pounds later and 12% percent less body fat I feel better than I have in years.  I have more energy and mental focus.  But most importantly I really FEEL GOOD.  I know I am not just lighter but healthier.
My original weight loss program “30 Minute Fat Burn” that encourages eating 5x a day, raising your protein and lowering fat and being conscious of calorie consumption and IT WORKS  and has worked for many women for over a decade.  My clients have gotten amazing results, but it’s not the only diet that works.
Keto diet is an entirely different approach. It encourages high fat (70%), moderate protein (20%) and low carbohydrates (10%).  But it’s not new science, in fact The ketogenic diet became popular as a therapy for epilepsy in the 1920s and 30s. It was developed to provide an alternative to fasting, which had demonstrated success as an epilepsy therapy. It wasn’t until about a decade later that doctors began to apply the modified version (increasing Carbs from 2-5% to 10%) to patients with obesity and metabolic diseases like type 2 diabetes and PCOS. Becasue eating a ketogenic diet significantly reduces glucose it switches the body to what I call it’s “auxiliary metabolism” allowing it to convert fat to energy instead of needing glucose.  
I had committed myself to writing a book this year.  Putting to paper all the weight loss and fitness advice I had successfully given over the years.  And 187 pages sent to an editor was scrapped.  I literally scrapped an entire manuscript rewrote my book mR40 method, (In the last editing phase now) I knew I had to share the transformative effects of  a ketogenic lifestyle and this what my book needed to be about.  From the concepts of mR40 method book I developed my online weight loss coaching program as a way to introduce the method of eating to other women.
I’ll be the first to admit that ketogenic lifestyle isn’t for everyone


…if you struggle with your weight and dieting and exercise alone barely moves the scale,

…If you’ve tried everything but the weight seems to keep coming back,

…If you feel stuck in a cycle of trying, failing then giving up and repeating again

…If you are where I was, at a point where you are tired of being fat, sick and tired.

…then GO KETO.


to inspire others and give them hope that there is a solution if you “believe the science and trust the process”.


I’m still taking clients in my online Keto program. Register at

I help women learn the science and practical application of doing Ketogenic diet as a lifestyle to lose weight, gain energy, improve mental focus and to maximize health potential.

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