Blog: Wheat Brain Student?

okay I am totally gonna write a blog about the difference a gluten free life has made. The truth is My daughter really struggled with both behavior and grades in middle school. She would say things like “I feel like my head is buzzing” when it was time for her to do a test. Or “I can’t concentrate” as the reason she was daydreaming instead of doing her work. Her pediatrician even offer me Ritalin (which we declined) I gave her Omega 3 supplements which helped slightly but not enough. I dreaded putting her in her current charter high school because its one of the strictest and highest demanding high school in CT.

A month before school started she developed a wheat allergy and started her school year off gluten free. So far She has gotten a’s on every test. Is focused A’s and is delighted to discover she is very intelligent. I totally credit the change to her glutin free diet. I read stories like this online but never thought I’d experience such a drastic change in behavior and grades from changing the way my child eats.


Much research is being done on “brain fog” and physiological effects of wheat” This is real people. It’s estimated that 98% of people have a wheat sensitive of some sort. The unfortunate part is if we aren’t in anaphylactic shock we tend to ignore the fact that we can’t concentrate or we are grumpy or sluggish or have a slight reoccurring headache. Food IS medicine And poison. Choose yours wisely!


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