Cardio Interval Training

Remember the days when it seemed everyone was saying “Do slow cardio exercises. They’re better for your health?” If you’ve been exercising for some time, or have followed some sort of routine in the past, chances are this is what you were doing. We were told that 20 minutes a day of cardio, followed by strength training would result in quick fat loss. Well, that’s not always the case, and I’ll tell you quickly why. Most cardio exercises are done at a slow pace.

Today the fastest way to lose weight seems to be to use interval cardio training. This is a method where you find yourself doing short, but intense bursts of cardio training followed by a slower paced exercise. This results in more fat being burned from the increase in your metabolism. And more women are finding that this is a fantastic means for them to lose the belly fat they want to, without the worry of looking like a bodybuilder as a result of it.

This method is working for many women, and that has to do largely with the fact that this type of workout deals with the entire body, and not just one specific area you find needs help. As an example, if you want to burn belly fat quickly, this is the best method because it works all of the body instead of just concentrating on the abs, which is what you would likely have been doing by performing crunches in what seemed to be an endless battle. Many women enjoy the full body workout, and prefer it so they don’t end up with those ever-popular “washboard abs”, but then have thighs or a bottom that needs toning.

Interval cardio training gives you a method of receiving the same amount of workout as you would in a regular workout, only in much less time. It works by taking away those slow-paced exercises you may be used to, and increasing the intensity of your workout to get more benefit while raising your metabolism. You need less time to work out, and the types of training you do are totally interchangeable. They are also exercises you don’t need a gym membership or fancy equipment in order to benefit.

Although some women may look at this new exercise routine with a bit of anxiety at first, when the principles are applied properly the results are evident quite quickly. You also don’t have to worry about changing what you already do, since this works with any cardio activity. For example, let’s say part of your regular fitness routine is using a few steps on your staircase to simulate the action of using a Stairmaster or other similar piece of equipment.

  • Please be careful when doing this type of exercise on your stairs. Make sure you wear running shoes if you have flooring with no carpet to avoid slips and falls. Hold a railing if one is available. You may prefer to just use the bottom step, and simply move at a quicker pace.

To start out with, you could do a relatively quick and steady “up-and-down” of your usual number of stairs for approximately 2-3 minutes. Then step it up into a faster pace, similar to that of a jog. If you happen to have a treadmill you would add sprints to your run. Using any cardio exercise alternating at two levels of intensity – what you normally do (brisk walk, jog etc.) to all-out marathon or Olympic status with all that you’ve got, will do the trick to get your metabolism going.

The point is, using this interval cardio training program permits you to not only make it work with the cardio exercises you’re already doing. You can even find some plans on the internet which help you map out what you need to do, how often and how much you can potentially lose in, let’s say, 8 weeks perhaps.

You will find this type of exercise has many health benefits. You can burn belly fat quickly because you take less time to burn more calories, it improves your cardio endurance; it improves the elasticity of your arteries and even more.

The next time you start your cardio, whether at home or at the gym, remember to increase the intensity of your working by changing to interval cardio training. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you’ll see the results for quick fat loss.

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