To My Children Who March..Again

In deep thought is morning ….and this came out

To My Children Who March..Again

By Mubarakah Ibrahim

I let you march with a heavy heart because you are history repeating itself – Montgomery – Selma1958275_10153415954063662_4984655058678120089_n

I kiss you good bye and tell you “be safe” but what a really want to say is “don’t go

Instead, learn your lessons and set your eye on not beating the system but being the system – Sonia Sotomayor

I welcome you home and listen to the excitement in your voice for being “a part of a civil right movement”

And as you throw your hands up and symbolically shout 11 times

My ears block out the passion for change in your voice, all I see is your movements,

as my mind moves back and forth in time, imagining

I am the mother of a Freedom rider and

I am the grandmother of a Freedom Rider

To my children who march and ask me why I don’t come along. Why I teach you justice and equality and activism but you don’t see me holding my hands in the air.

Because you don’t see me at night

You don’t see me at night when my hands go up in prayer and my tears fall down because you are marching, we are matching

You don’t here me cry 11 times a day – “Lord keep my children safe” because they are collateral damage in a war they don’t even know they are a part of. A war they were drafted in by the melanin of their skin. – Sybrina Fulton

You don’t watch me in a 4 ½ minute trance at random times in my day when I try and imagine the pain of the mothers who buried their children as hope leaked out of bloody holes. – Lesley McSpadden

To my children who march, as you march with

That your voice this day matters,

That your will presence spur change

I sit home thinking of ways to inspire your ability to make enough change

so that one day you are not watching your endangered children skip off to be a part of a cyclical movement
marching in the footsteps of their forefathers, off boats and buses unaware of the systematic shackles on their ankles.

So that when your children want to march

They are not marching for the right of little brown children

to live

And you are not me



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