Cooling Down After Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]workoutBesides having an efficient and effective Muslimah fitness workout, adding a cooling down program to finish up the workout is just as important. Although many people who work out regularly fail to include a cooling down routine to their workouts because they don’t see the necessity of cooling down the fact still remains you should do it to complete your workout routine.

If you are new to a consistent Muslimah fitness regimen you want to include both a warm up routine of about 10-15 minutes then a vigorous workout routine for at least 30minutes to an hour followed by a cooling down program for the last 10-15 minutes of your total program. The purpose of your cooling down program is to relax the muscles after a tense workout. Much like warming up helps you to loosen the muscles in preparations to workout cooling down prepares the muscles to relax afterwards.

Setting the right cooling down program for Muslimah fitness

Depending on the intensity of your workout routine and whether or not you incorporate a warming up period before exercising, you can set a cooling down program that fits any time constraints. Picking the right cooling down program depends on how intense and frequent you practice Muslimah fitness.

Typically the cooling down period consists of stretching the muscle. By stretching the muscles after an intense workout helps to alleviate or lessen workout soreness. Gradually relaxing the muscle by cooling down after your workout is done also helps you to prevent muscle strains from over working through Muslimah fitness.

Types of cooling down routines

You could always do the old fashion stretching techniques which are always effective in cooling down after your workout. Basically you are stretching the muscles from there tense position and allowing them to go back to their normal shape naturally, these routines consist of toe touches, cherry pickers and side to side rocking.

Walking is an excellent cooling down routine, since your body is relax and making normal relaxed motions associated with walking. Walking also helps you relax mentally since you have time to think. Try walking around for 10-15 extra minutes after your regular workout routine.

Massages are a great way to cool down after a good workout session. You can treat yourself to a great massage while cooling down when your workout is done. If your budget permits follow up the massage with a few moments in a sauna or Jacuzzi. Not only well you relax your muscles you also relax your mind and spirit at the same time.

Making sure you incorporate a cooling down regimen following your regular Muslimah fitness practice means you’re concerned about getting the full benefits of a successful workout. While you may not have the same amount of time everyday to add another 30 minutes to your workout routine try reducing your warm up and cooling down program to fit the time allotted for your workout. In other words if your going to workout you should do it properly by adding a cooling down program after your workout is done. Do what’s best for your Muslimah fitness program.

BY V.C. Murray

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