5 Reason we SHOULD NOT be impressed with Dolce and Gabbana new Abaya line.

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#1. Muslim Designers have been making chik and beautiful modest clothes for Muslim women for years. You can’t just come and bum rush your way on the screen and take Muslim business from the like of Amirah Aulaqi, and Nzinga Knight​

#2. This is another example of “big names/corporate” taking business and economic viability from small business. Black people in America have suffered from this for years and Muslims should learn from that and NOT fall into that trap.

#3. Dolce and Gabana wants Muslim women money but have they ever contributed to the Muslim community? Have they ever stood up and support and Islamic cause. We should be supporting a cyclical economy that invest back into our community. I would rather by my abaya from Amirah Couture​ who I know support Muslims and contributes both green and sweat equity back into the ummah.

#4. “Big business” has finally woke up and realized that Muslims have money. With higher average household income than the average American. And higher education levels leading to more long term financial stability. They don’t care about Muslim women modest fashion. They just want our money

#5. They aren’t even that cute anyway. #ijs I’ve seen better.

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More info at www.fitmuslimah.com

4 thoughts on “5 Reason we SHOULD NOT be impressed with Dolce and Gabbana new Abaya line.”

  1. Wow. Was just thinking this. Someone makes something resembling some of what you
    are familiar with and you run to it because of the name and price/staus?
    Plus reciprocate with nothing to /for the community?
    Didn’t we make those mistakes before?

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