Exercising to Lower Cholesterol

[public_post]It is a known fact that exercising to lower cholesterol is highly recommended.  Physical activity may be the best method to lower cholesterol levels and many women can enjoy working out, since it has other great health benefits.  Although exercising has been broken down to a science as it relates to the actual impact on lowering cholesterol, recent studies on exercising have found it to be quite effective.

More importantly studies revealed that while exercising helps reduce excess fat it also activates your natural fat burning mechanisms such as metabolism, muscle building and increased enzymes levels, which could be the way exercising contributes to reducing cholesterol. Therefore if you’re overweight you could be suffering from the effects of having an abnormally high cholesterol level.  It is safe to say that if you’re overweight then you’re not adding a sufficient amount of exercise into your daily routine.

For this reason exercising to lower cholesterol levels is very important in order to avoid future complications associated with high cholesterol and heart disease. Because earlier studies used both exercise and healthy eating routines as a measuring factor, it is an uncertainty which of the two factors was more effective, even thought the results were favorable regarding lower cholesterol in women; science is working on profound proof that exercising has a significant effect on lower cholesterol levels.. Yet modern science and more studies are working to found out if committing to an exercise routine alone will lower cholesterol levels.

Some studies have shown that exercising raises the size of Lipoproteins particles in your system that prevents smaller lipoproteins from forming and accumulating in small blood vessels around the heart. Small lipoprotein particles if they find a blood vessel too small to pass through can cause blockage to the hearts blood supply thereby contributing to heart disease.  Simply put the larger the cholesterol particles in your blood stream the harder it is to find a delicate place to accumulate.

There are other researchers who feel that exercising increases specific enzymes associated with transporting Lipoproteins through your circulatory system and converted into bile.  Additionally the faster cholesterol travels an increased amount of cholesterol is turned into bile and later expelled from the body. According to researchers the more physically active you are the more your body will naturally expel excess cholesterol and lower cholesterol levels.

Researchers are now factoring in the level of exercise needed to lower cholesterol.   While this issue regarding exercising to lower cholesterol in women is a matter of opinion, some researchers feel that just 30 minutes a day is very effective.  Of course your exercise routine would consist of intervals of moderate activity to high energy level activity.   On the other hand some studies shown that more vigorous physical activity lower cholesterol levels significantly as opposed to moderate interval level of exercising.

It is pretty obvious that when you’re in need information regarding lower cholesterol levels; consulting with a physician about your optimal exercise levels and frequencies of activity for lower cholesterol is your best option.

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