Fitness Time as a Family

It’s important for every member of your family to get their share of physical activity in their daily lives. Exercise is not only a ‘must’ for people who are trying to lose weight, or get a more sculpted body. One of the best ways to have ‘family time’ and stay healthy is to schedule a family fitness time.

These days, even our kids are busy. They have homework, afterschool activities and friends they want to hang out with. Our days are super-busy too. When we actually do get the chance to get together, this family time is important. To ensure that you get family time each day, even though everyone is busy with their own thing, let that time do double-duty.

When your schedule is packed, any time that can serve dual purposes is a ray of light. Instead of trying to find time to exercise by yourself, why not get the entire family together to exercise? This way, each person gets the physical activity they need, and you can use the time for bonding as well.

Hold Each Other Accountable

One of the downfalls of working out by yourself is the lack of motivation or accountability. Friends may work out with you on occasion, but they have families and other responsibilities too. When you include your own family, you have built-in motivators for each other. What used to be seen as a chore is now fun family time together, because you are tackling it as a team.

The many benefits of family fitness:

• Everyone participates together to gain better fitness

• It’s easy to create challenges for one another

• You’re tackling eating well as a family, and are more likely to pay more attention to it

• You can schedule family fitness around other commitments

When you take on family fitness habits, you end up with constant support 24/7. If your schedule only permits 30 minutes several days a week, that’s fine. However, Instead of thirty according to the time you have to spend together, you can stretch that time to an hour if you want to. Let’s take a look at some ideas for family fitness workouts:

• Work out to a DVD or video

• Go bike riding together

• Lift weights together

• Play video or other games which allow you to get up and move during play.

Each member of your family can pick an exercise they love to do, introducing it to everyone else. On different days, let a different member of the family decide on the workout routine. This way, each member of the family stays involved AND has a chance to show off a new favourite exercise.

By turning exercise and fitness into a family affair, chances are you’ll stick with it longer and enjoy it more than if you were to simply do it on your own. Why not give it a try, and get everyone in your household fit at the same time?

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