The Importance of Getting Proper Calcium for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]There are many nutritional needs that play a part in Muslimah fitness. Let’s face it though, there are certain aspects of our lifestyle where we don’t practice what we preach. We tell our kids to eat their vegetables or to get a good night of sleep, and we may not always do those things ourselves. That is so especially true when it comes to getting proper calcium. We tell our kids to drink their milk as it will help them to grow up big and strong, but are we practicing this important rule? Are we ensuring that our bodies get the proper amount of calcium? Most women simply aren’t and though it is easy to remedy, we don’t make it a priority for Muslimah fitness. Calcium is on the list of one of the most important nutrients for women, but many of us don’t include it in our diet.

For many of us women, we just don’t like the taste of milk. That or we think it’s too fattening or can’t figure out a way to fit it into our meals. There are a million reasons why we as women don’t get the calcium we need, but there is no excuse too important. Not only can you find alternate sources of calcium above and beyond milk, but it can help contribute to some of our health goals. Drinking milk has been shown to help dramatically with weight loss efforts for Muslimah fitness. If you don’t like the thick Vitamin D variety that we are providing to the kids, then you go for skim or a lower fat option. Whether you drink it on its own or add it to cereal or other dishes, you will be sure to get the health benefits. Calcium is important in ensuring we keep healthy bones and single handedly can ensure that we don’t develop osteoporosis as we get older. Women are more prone to this and that makes the consumption of calcium that much more important.

If milk isn’t your thing, then find other foods that are rich in calcium. Dairy products have come a long way and you can find low fat version of some of your favorites such as yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese, and sour cream. You can find creative ways to incorporate such dairy products into your cooking if you don’t like them on their own. This is a task worth investing in because it will contribute to your overall health. If you have problems digesting dairy products, then looking into a calcium supplement may be a better match for you. There are some great supplements out there that allow you to get the proper amounts in a day and keep your bones and your body strong.

Never underestimate the power of certain nutrients to your body and the effects they can have on Muslimah fitness. Calcium is one of m any nutrients that keeps your body running smoothly and keeps you strong and healthy. As women, calcium is one of the most important building blocks in our diets and will keep us free of conditions such as osteoporosis. If you thought that you could only get the proper amounts of calcium through milk, think again. Dairy products as a whole as well as calcium supplements can be excellent ways to introduce this pivotal nutrient into your bodies and our lives. So the next time you tell your kids to drink their milk to get big and strong, think of how calcium can benefit you and help you reach your goals for Muslimah fitness.

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