Herbal Teas – A Woman’s Fitness Bonus Day!

I was talking to a friend of mine recently, and we got to discussing this whole cold and flu topic. Her family is hit with it as well, and we were exchanging ideas (and each complaining a little about spring colds), and she had an idea.

She wanted to make today her’s on my blog, and offer each of you a gift. You will find in this post Stephanie’s Ultimate Collection of Herbal Teas. It’s available for you to download by PDF, so you can refer to it as often as necessary.

Just go to Stephanies-Ultimate-Collectionof-Herbal-Tea, download and have some fun getting to know some great herbal teas for just about any occasion, illness or just for something new.

The only thing she asks is that you don’t reprint the recipes as your own. You are free to share them with family and friend however. I would just like to mention that Stephanie is not Muslim, so please do not take offense if any of the ingredients go against what we normally use.

Thank you everyone, and enjoy your special gift.

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