How to Break Through a Training Plateau

[public_post]There comes a time when avid exercisers reach a point in there routine where they’re at a training plateau.  A training plateau is when your work out is no longer effective.  It is not effective because you’re doing it regularly but because your body is conditioned to that level of exercise and can not benefit from it any more.

You know you’ve reached your training plateau when exercising at your usual pace and intensity becomes much easier to attain whereas a few months back you had difficulty completing 10 sets of 50 crunches is now much easier to make.  In other words you are use to your routine and you need to improve it to get greater benefits.

The problem with training plateaus is having the ability to know when you’ve reach that point.  There are signs in your routine that tells you you’re at your training plateau like conditioning to cardiovascular work outs when you’re able to do more than normal with ease or you begin to work out more often to get the same fit feeling.

breakthroughBecause the body is adaptable to vigorous activity, when you place the same amount of intensity to your regular work out, you quickly adapt to the routine.  Breaking the training plateau can be accomplished by using these few techniques and adjustments.

Track your progress

One effective way to break the training plateau is to keep a work out journal and logging your progress.  If you’re not familiar with using a journal you can start now, using any type of notebook or chart is fine.  Keeping track of your progress will give you indicators when you’re reaching a training plateau.  This will also help you to alter your routine to avoid reaching the plateau.

Review your eating routine

Sometimes when you’re excising regularly you may find yourself slacking on your diet or mind set of healthy foods.  If you are back sliding with your eating habits this could be the reason you’re not seeing progression in your normal work out.  You also want to make sure you’re getting the proper amount of rest.  Rest and eating correctly can make a difference in your work out progress.

Vacation from working out

Maybe you just need to give your body a break from your regular workout routine when you reach that training plateau.  If you take a break from your schedule to allow your body time to rest and readapt you could help break through the training plateau.

There are two types of breaks you could take a break from the amount of weight used and intensity of your work out or you could simply cut out days from your training schedule.  Both methods will help your get back on your training track.

These are some easy methods to help you overcome the training plateau; however you should be aware, that the more you work out the higher your chances are of reaching a training plateau so don’t get frustrated about your routine, just make some changes to your program.

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