How Your Diet Can Help Lower Cholesterol

[public_post]Most people who suffer from high cholesterol fail to eat the proper foods, to lower cholesterol levels as well as lessen the risk of future heart diseases.  Besides the fact that eating foods to lower cholesterol levels, these specific foods can also help you to lose and maintain your ideal weight.  For this fact alone everyone should want to learn how your diet can help lower cholesterol.

There are many reasons to want to eat a healthy diet.  Some people are picky about what foods they consume not only for fitness purposes but also to sustain a healthy internal system for longevity.  While other people are conscious of the varieties of harmful food which can promote weight gain and increase levels of cholesterol, these people are hoping that having a healthy diet will lower cholesterol levels significantly.

How your diet helps lower cholesterol

What you eat goes through a conversion process of breaking down foods, by groups, of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins.  Each group of nutrients serves a specific function which helps with maintaining a healthy internal system.

Certain foods lower the amount of Lipoproteins in your blood stream which contributes to certain health problems.   Additionally other foods can speed up the process of transporting and converting excess lipoproteins to bile or excrement and eliminated through your body’s waste, thereby preventing cholesterol from remaining in your system and accumulating around the heart.

Which foods are better for lower cholesterol levels?

Depending on your daily caloric intake and what’s feasible as recommended by a physician or professional nutritionist your diet consumption calculations will vary.  But on a standard scale based upon a 2500 calorie diet you should only consume no more than 10 percent of your calorie intake from saturated fats, and less than 30 percent from fat.

Since sodium intake is a major factor in most healthy diets plans you want to limit your sodium intake to less than 2400 milligrams per day as well as limit your foods rich in cholesterol to no more than 300 milligrams per day.  Even with a diet regimen that is meant for weight loss and maintenance, you want to consume the right amount of calories to achieve weight loss and lower cholesterol levels at the same time.

What diet plan is best for you?

Since everyone’s circumstances are different, the best way to determine if a specific diet meets your weight loss needs and lowers cholesterol intake levels, you should seek professional advice from your physicians.  Professional Dieticians can help you to calculate the appropriate diet for your specific needs.

If you already suffer from high cholesterol levels and other health related issues which make effect your diet routine make sure the diet plan you choose not only works with your other health requirements but also contributes to weight loss and lower cholesterol.

Making the choice to change your lifestyle to fit your health needs requires a lot of hard work and commitment.  More importantly when your lifestyle changes affects the way your body process cholesterol, learning how your diet helps lower cholesterol levels is very important to its success.

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