#first# last week I had a “mirror moment” after I met a new client.  It was a reminder to myself about practicing what I preach. If you’ve been following me on social media then you know I share ….A LOT…sometimes people say I overshare.  Earlier this year I posted the results of my blood work just to talk about the myth of ketogenic eating raising cholesterol. My kids just looked at me and shook their heads.  
But through all my shares and work I do I honestly make effort to transparent and authentic.  But most importantly to practice what I preach.  So when I catch myself giving lip service to someone and not following my own advice I try and course correct.  

Hypocrisy…I had a weight loss diagnostic appointment with a client the other day and after we went over her history and her goals I asked her if she was ready to get started.  She started to think out loud about waiting and just starting January 1st but I encouraged her to get started NOW!  “Imagine how much you can achieve BY January if you started now”  I said. 
“Goals are achieved one step at a time.  The longer it takes you to take the first step, the longer it takes you to achieve your goal.”  I continued as she went back and forth for a few minutes.  She signed up to get started this week.
But when she left I had a “mirror moment”.  I was not just talking to her but also talking to myself.  I’ve been doing my annual planning for the last couple weeks and have made a full 2020 schedule of programs, workshops and online courses to put out but everything starts January 2020.
I decided that 2020 is the year that I want to reach, teach and inspire 1 million women.  Not just around creating a healthier life, but a happier life, a more fulfilled life. Waiting until January 1st doesn’t serve me, my goal or the women I am trying to help.  

So TOMORROW it is! (December 1st, 2019).  I’m teaching something of value every day for the entire month of December.  We’re gonna talk about a variety of topics including

Finding purpose

Building Self-esteem

Time management


Vision building

Oh….some healthy and fitness stuff too
Is there any other topic you would like me to talk about?

Email me at info@fitmuslimah.com and let me know… SERIOUSLY!  I am always running out of topics so I would LOVE if you’d help me out by asking me a question or suggesting a topic.  I’d love to hear from you

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