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Today is the 19th day of Ramadan.  For the last 19 day I, like 1.2 Billion Muslims around the world, have been fasting from dawn to dusk every day.  No food, no drink, no sexual intercourse with our spouses during the day time and making intentional effort to increase spiritual awareness which results in a deeper sense of self-awareness on both the physical and spiritual levels.  

My Instagram friend Nadirah Angail so eloquently posted “Food is not always nourishment. Sometimes it’s a drug used to impair and distract. Used to mask, coat and numb what’s beneath the prickly discomfort we’d rather not sit with. Then comes Ramadan, a forces stripping of every vice. No more obstruction. We’re left with a clear path to our own selves. We get to meet who we really are … then decide if we like who we meet.”  

I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know myself again.  Having long conversations with myself about who I am and what it means to be my authentic self. One of the things that have come from this self-reflection is the evolution of not just who I am (I set new personal goals) but also how I want to show up in the world.  I have been known for over a decade as “Fit Muslimah” and that’s a large part of who I am. Fitness and nutrition one of the biggest passion that drives me.  But I’m so much MORE that burpees and pushups.  

Earlier this year you may have noticed that I’ve added “Happiness” to the end of what I do. Because I believe that the world is a better place when women show up as their healthiest happiest selves. 

I, probably like you live within an intersection of identities.  I am black, I am Muslim, I am American, I am a Women.  But we also have an intersection of both interest and talents.  To show up authentically I am committing to not just be present but bring ALL of who I am to the table. My new logo is the public representation of that change.

My Name:  When my designer asked me what I wanted I started with It must be my name.  My name is Mubarakah Shareefah Ibrahim and it means “the blessed one”    “The noble”    “from the lineage of Ibrahim”.My name is not just unique but also is literally ….well…my name.  It’s me.  If I’m gonna show up in the world as my authentic self I can not be more authentic than that.  When he came back with several versions of a logo (You’d be surprised how many ways a creative designer can write the same letters over and over ) this one spoke to me, here’s why.

Pink:  Pink is my favorite color.  But I don’t like it because it’s supposed to represent “girls”.  I like it because there are a lot of stereotypes around the color pink and I seek to smash them all.  I’ll be honest, my favorite thing to do is to wear pink in the gym on my heavy lifting day.  Women aren’t supposed to be strong… so my lifting belt is pink.  Women aren’t supposed to be fast…so my running shoes are often pink.   FOR ME…I use pink as a motivation to break stereotypes.

Type font of my first name: I’ll admit my name is difficult for most non-Muslims to pronounce.  BUT it’s Arabic and literally spelled phonetically and pronounced moo-BA-ra-ka.  Here is a hint, the accent is on the BA, not the ra.  I wanted it to be clear aesthetically but also I think it speaks to a part of my personality.  I am a straightforward person.  I am straight forward with my clients, if something is marketing lies I’m gonna tell you.  I base my methods of nutrition, fitness, psychology, and business on research and science.  Even within my family, I am known to be straight forward…something I think irritates my brothers-in-law (side grin) because I disagree with them often. (It’s really correctly misinformation but let’s use the word “disagree” for argument’s sake – LOL )

The script for my last name:  I’m extra at times. Some call it boujee.  I like pretty things.  My taste more often than I want to admit exceeds my bank account. 🙂 In marketing psychology it Script fonts are used to express creativity, interest, emotions & femininity. All of which is a part of who I am as a person.

The Initials:  My initials in a square were straight from an article I read on The Psychology of Logo Shapes: “The use of squares in logo design can also develop a sense of power and strength. Combine those harsh elements with rounded contours and fonts, and you can convey an idea of stability, balance, and reliability.” 

Okay so now you just got to know me a little better and a business lesson all in the same email 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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