Jump Rope: A Simple Workout

[public_post]Do you remember when you were 6 or 7 years old and you first learned how to jump rope?  Did anyone ever tell you this simple childhood pass time could whip you in shape in no time?

Many athletes use jumping rope for event conditioning like a boxer preparing for a big fight or tennis pro preparing for a big tennis match.  Even football and basketball players jump rope as part of conditioning training.   The reason athlete’s jump rope is because this is a great way to get in some well needed cardiovascular exercising.  Not to mention the fact that jumping rope helps keep you active and burns off unnecessary calories.

When you were younger jump rope could be seen throughout the neighborhood with young girls doing it in their yards and down the street.   Now jumping rope has a whole new meaning to you since you can build a simple workout around this activity.  Even thought this may seem like a part to a full workout the truth is you actually work on every muscle in your body when you jump rope.   This means you could devote a large portion of your work out routine around jumping rope.

Jumping rope is all around physical activity and it works on your cardiovascular system by giving you a vigorous work out that makes you sweat and raises your pulse to get the blood circulating.   This is healthy for strong heart and breathing plus you’re burning a lot of calories in the process.

Upper and lower muscles such as your biceps and triceps are getting a work out because you use them to rotate the jump rope.  Your lower legs, thighs and gluts are getting a work out since you’re using your lower body to propel your entire body in the air.  Plus your abdominals gets a good work out when you jump rope since your center region is your base for balance and coordination while jumping rope; these muscles are also used to assist the lower body in ejecting you into the air with every jump.

If you jump rope enough you could soon see the results of a perfectly sculptured body.  The best part of using a jump rope is turning it into a simple work out routine that you can customize using other exercises in between intervals of jumping rope

An example work out routine for one hour using the jump rope consists of jumping rope for at least 30 seconds to start the work out and get warmed up. Next begin jumping rope as fast as you can for at least a minute then take a small 30 second break.  Between each jump rope session for minute switch off to crunches for 1 minute then back to jumping rope aging and rotate difference things like push ups, planks or squats for an hour.

Set a routine for at least three times as week or more and you can diffidently add some diversity to your simple jump rope work out, lose weight and tone your body all at the same time.

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