Keto for Beginners


This diet plan follows the ketogenic and primal diet guidelines. Additional it’s vegetarian and the vast majority of recipes are sweetener-free (sweeteners are optional). As always, I made this diet plan easy to follow and included nutrition facts for each meal and day. By following this plan, you won’t have to track your carb intake or other macronutrients. Apart from the diet plan itself, you will find useful tips and basic ketogenic diet guidelines.

Before I get to the diet plan I will outline the basic principles of the ketogenic diet. As long as you follow my plan you shouldn’t worry about your macronutrient intake. I’ve designed it with slow to moderate fat loss in mind so daily calories are about 1,500 – 1,700 kcal. If you suffer from any health conditions make sure you consult any dietary changes with a health professional.

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