Let the Walkers Walk

My husband and their dad is a Police Sargent and still we let them March. Because Islam teaches “Speak out against injustice even if it be against yourself” I am not a marcher but my children want to march.


I believe everyone has to find their own part to do so I am letting them go to NY to be visible part of the greatest civil rights movement in America in 2 generations. #MillionsMarchNYC

May Allah keep them and all the marchers safe, their intentions pure, their voices heard and their actions a step towards justice and equality in this world. Ameen


“Everyone has a part to do. So let the walkers walk, let the talkers talk and let the doers do” ~ Ms. Jacki Bracy

I, personally don’t really march (Even though I did participate in the local #JusticeforTrayvon March) I am to a point in my life and knowing myself where I recognize and accept what I believe my strength and contribution is to the world. It took me a long time to realize it’s not arrogance to know who you are, what you do and appreciate and contribute your talents to the world.

My strength is in the “doing“. I am good at the coming up with plans, systems, solutions and implementations. I am a “doer”. I know not everyone can or will think as comprehensively or visionary as I think….and thats okay.  Everyone has their own strength and their own part to play and it doesn’t make one person better than the next.  My mother use to tell me “even the rich man in the mansion would live in dirt and filth if the trash-man didn’t take his trash away.  She impressed on her children that no matter who you are and what you do there are people around you who does a part and allowing you to be.

Allah has blessed me with what he has given me in my personal abilities and placed people in my life and me in certain places and situations which allow me to achieve things others can’t. I realize that. I am grateful for that and inshallah (God willing) will use it in the best of manners. Thats the LONG answer.

The “sort-of” short answer is I believe we have to prioritize where we can be the MOST useful. And marching is not where I am the MOST useful. I am more mature now and realize that giving 10% to ten things is much LESS effective than giving 100% to one.


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