Muslim Women’s Fitness Alert: The Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

[public_post]Muslim women’s fitness experts make it clear we need to take our vitamins. We’re told from a very early age to take our vitamins and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. We know that for each vitamin there is a unique benefit provided to our body and our overall health. As women, ensuring that we have the proper vitamin intake is crucial for Muslim women’s Fitness. Vitamins can affect everything in women from moods to fertility and they provide the fuel necessary to keep our body functioning. One of the most important vitamins that’s receiving a great deal of attention these days is Vitamin D. Though experts have always highlighted Vitamin D as an important nutrient, it has become increasingly important for women and for that reason has been in the news quite a bit.

Vitamin D is created in our bodies through a chemical process that is initiated when the sun hits our skin. But for Muslim women in particular this poses a dilemma. Because Muslim women cover most if not all of our skin when outdoors we do not produce as much vitamin D as we need. This makes it more work to reach a higher energy level for Muslim women’s fitness. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the biggest concern for Pregnant and breast feeding Muslim women because infants get their nutrients exclusively from their mother. A lack of vitamin D in infant can cause rickets resulting in bone malformation and a growth stunt.

There are several recent studies showing that a lack of Vitamin D can cause mood swings in women specifically. Certain conditions that women have traditionally suffered from such as PMS or seasonal disorders have intensified without Vitamin D in the system to help regulate. As hormone levels plummet at certain points of a woman’s monthly cycle, a lack of Vitamin D in a woman’s body is allowing the mood swings and depression to intensify. In some studies it has been shown that woman who normally did not suffer from depression or mood swings were more likely to do so if they were not receiving proper levels of Vitamin D. The mood swings and depression are directly correlated to the points of a woman’s cycle and receiving proper levels of Vitamin D can help to prevent these spikes. The Vitamin D deficiency has also been linked to a woman’s potential to suffer from muscle pain or injury more easily – this is essential to know for Muslim women’s fitness.

This can all be easily remedied if a woman ensures that she receives the right levels of Vitamin D in her day. You want to be sure to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin D such as dairy products enriched with it and certain fish such as sardines and mackerel. However the easiest and most common source that women are getting their Vitamin D these days is through supplements. Finding a supplement that combines Vitamin D with calcium accomplishes two important things for Muslim women’s fitness. Ensuring that you take your Vitamin D supplement on a daily basis can help to alleviate your deficiency and ultimately help you to feel more balanced and well again.

Knowing your vitamin D level is as easy as requesting a simple blood test from your Doctor. An average vitamin D level is 25-30 but if your blood work comes back lower than that talk to your doctor about supplementing your vitamin D and find a window to sit in to soak up some rays. Muslim women’s fitness experts agree, getting enough Vitamin D is essential.

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