Muslim Women’s Fitness and Changing Hormone Levels

[public_post]Muslim women’s fitness can affect your health in a way that even reaches your emotions. Sometimes we’re happy and sometimes we’re sad. That’s just the way it goes for everyone as we have fluctuating moods that are often affected by circumstances and the simple course of a day. The fluctuation of moods is not something that is specific to women, but the hormones that contribute to those moods can be. Women have a lot of different things going on within their bodies and hormones help to regulate them. The role of hormones keep a woman healthy and ensure that she can have a baby someday. While hormones are often looked at as a negative thing, they really aren’t. It’s a matter of mastering the fluctuating levels of hormones and how they affect your life that can present problems at times.

Muslim Women’s Fitness and Hormonal Changes

Women’s hormones change throughout the course of her life with and without Muslim women’s fitness. As a women goes through her monthly cycle, there is a rise and fall of hormone levels that can be quite severe at times. Women’s hormones change dramatically after she has a baby which can not only affect her cycle but her moods. Women’s hormones change as they get older, this is just Mother Nature at work. There are so many instances and contributing factors that lead to a woman’s constantly changing hormone levels, and understanding them and how you can keep them in check is a tall order. You may not always understand why you feel such hormonal highs and lows, nor are you expected to. The most important thing that you can do however is to keep track of how the hormone levels affect your moods and be sure to report them to your doctor.

Different Approaches to Muslim Women’s Fitness

In some cases, a simple supplement such as Vitamin D can do wonders for your ability to cope with the highs and lows that changing hormones can create. In more extreme cases, an anti anxiety medication may be necessary. As a women, you want to be sure to be in tune with your body and your cycle. Keep track of how certain times of the month affect your moods and how you feel at different points in time. Conditions such as PMS can become more dramatic for example after having a baby. This is just an instance of your hormones at work and is nothing to be alarmed about, but rather just aware of.

Being in tune with what’s going on with your moods and your body and how it relates to your cycle or different parts of the month can be really helpful to your doctor as they try to figure out what is going on. Knowing that certain mood fluctuations are very normal and that you are not alone can make you feel normal again. Practicing Muslim women’s fitness can help you to deal with these emotions. Part of being a woman is riding the hormonal highs and lows and if you are in tune to it and become aware of how it impacts your daily life, you are well ahead of the game. Hormones control and can impact so many different aspects of your life from moods to fatigue to eating habits, so being an educated woman and knowing when to expect changes will make your life and how you deal with the highs and lows much easier. As always, practicing Muslim women’s fitness will help you cope as well.

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