Muslim Women's Fitness Challenges Obesity and its Health Risks

[public_post]By V.C. Murray

Muslim women’s fitness experts acknowledge that obesity is an ever challenging issue. Beside the fact that you are uncomfortable with being obese and your love ones constantly urge you to lose weight; you still lack motivation to lose weight.

Maybe if you were clearer on the health risk that come with obesity and how it can shorten your life then you could begin to work up the motivation to get achieve Muslim women’s fitness and reduce your chances of the health problems that come with obesity. Here is the top three health risk associated with obesity. If you’re suffering from obesity or you may know someone who is, then reviewing the top 3 health issues may be the turning point to make a drastic lifestyle change for Muslim women’s fitness.

High blood pressure, Heart Failure or Stroke

Obesity is the number one cause for death as it relates to heart failure or strokes. Obese people have a greater risk of having high blood pressure. Obesity and High blood pressure can lead to a depletion of oxygen levels in the blood that feed your brain thus increasing the chance of a stroke. Plus the likelihood of higher cholesterol levels in the blood is greater with obesity and leads to other heart problems. With these exiting threats to your heath; conditions associated with these threats can progress or contribute to death.

Type II Diabetes

There are two type of diabetes both types of diabetes is associated with your bodies ability to process sugar. This is a function in the body where your pancreas produces insulin. When the insulin supply is lower than the sugar intake can lead to greater problems like stroke or coma.

Obesity presents the highest rate of type II diabetes where the body is larger than the insulin production. In other words your body produces insulin however your body mass consumes your insulin and makes it difficult to process sugar. Because type II diabetes is more prevalent in obese people the simple cure for this health issue is to lose enough weight that your body and now accommodate your sugar intake.

Apnea and other breathing problems

Obesity causes all sorts of health complications and one of these complications is breathing problems. When your breathing becomes affected by obesity you run a risk of suffering from sleep apnea which is a condition when you stop breathing while sleeping. Other health issue related to breathing problems is the ability to take in the right about of oxygen during breathing. Your weight makes it very difficult to breath and take in the right amount with each breath, when this occurs obese people tend to take labored deep breaths or run out of breath quickly. It is much harder to exercise for Muslim women’s fitness when you have these problems.

While there is a number of other equally as serious health risk associated with obesity, what is promising is that you do not have to look forward to the rest of the list if you commit to changing your lifestyle to lose weight. You can reverse and/or reduce the chances of health issue and build a stronger leaner body in the process of acheiveing a good level of Muslim women’s fitness.

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