Muslimah Fitness Experts Report! 8 Reasons Why You are Not Losing That Weight

[public_post]scaleMuslimah fitness depends on a variety of influences in your life. When you’re trying to find out why you’re having trouble losing weight you should factor into the equation the number of changes your body has gone through. From the age of puberty our bodies are set on a course of many changes at multiple stages in life. It is possible that these changes which include pregnancies, trauma, and other stress related issues have an impact on weight gain and are the reason why you’re not losing that weight. It’s important that you also understand the underlying implications of why your weight lose plans fail.

Trouble breaking bad habits

You may be on a healthy diet, however this is a futile attempt to lose that weight if you do change specific habits like drinking carbonated beverages (soda) and other high calorie drinks. One of the most common reasons for having trouble losing that weight is holding on to bad habits that contradict your dieting and Muslimah fitness plan. While these drinks may taste pleasing they have a less pleasing effect on your figure.

Not enough physical activity

We all know part of a successful weight loss program involves physical activity – preferably a Muslimah fitness program. Sufficient exercise is essential to losing that weight. Even if you have moderate physical activity you may need to increase your frequency or intensity.

Getting the proper Muslimah fitness routine has other health benefits that assist in weight loss, like building and toning muscles. While toning your muscles you increase muscle mass you are also helping the body to burn fat during resting hours. Aside from muscle toning the right amount of physical activity raises your metabolism which also helps burn calories during Muslimah fitness and hours after.

Thyroid problems

Many women at all ages suffer for a low acting thyroid gland or Hypothyroidism. When you have this condition your metabolism is very low and its difficult to naturally burn calories, thus causing you gain weight rather than losing that weight. This condition can be properly treated and placed back on this regular cycle, however if the conditions is out of hand you could require surgery and hormonal replacement aids.

Not eating regularly

Your body needs food for fuel there skipping meals has the adverse affect on the body. You can fast for a period of time but even fasting requires that certain nutrients are consumed. The reason for this is fuel. This is especially important if you are following Muslimah fitness, because your body needs energy. You have to set a regular eating schedule to fit your particular diet and commit to eating every meal as required.

Too much salt and sugar

chocolateEven thought you are trying to lose that weight, you may still have a high level of salt and sugar intake. Salt or sodium causes the body to retain water while sugar adds extra calories. While you are watching your calorie intake also watch salt and sugar intake as well.

Not enough water

Our bodies are made up of nearly 70%water, most often when you are dehydrated the symptoms resembles hunger and many people tend to mistake dehydration for hunger and therefore you eat more to curve this feeling. Make sure you drink enough water while practicing Muslimah fitness.

Eating more than you should

While it is recommended that you eat frequently and regularly during your diet, the purpose for the diet is to cut down on meal portions in addition to calories. Even though you are eating according to your diet you may be added more to your plate than you should. So make sure you cut down on meal portions while you’re working on losing that weight.

Poor weight objectives

One of the most common reasons why you are not losing that weight is probably because you like many other women have poor weight loss objectives. You have to set reachable goals when you are trying to lose weight. Setting weight loss goals too high or too quickly could be the reason why you’re not losing that weight. As always, practicing a balanced Muslimah fitness plan will help you on your way to reaching your weight loss goals.

BY VC Murray

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