Muslimah Fitness Tips for Getting a Good Night's Sleep

[public_post]Muslimah fitness tips can help you identify one of the several reasons why you may have trouble sleeping throughout the night. Some studies shows that insomnia occurs more in women than men and can be caused by a number factors such as stress, depression, anxiety, poor eating habits or an unpleasant resting environment. No matter what the cause for not getting enough sleep, it is still a very important function we must maintain in order to keep our bodies healthy.

Our bodies need a sufficient amount of rest each night in order to properly function throughout the day, and to keep up with Muslimah fitness. Even if you have children and a very busy day you should get at least 7 hours of proper rest. This does not include tiny naps throughout the day, but continual sleep regularly. If you’re not getting the right amount of rest because you’re not getting a good nights sleep then you may want to follow the few tips provided.

Stay away Foods that keep you up at night.

Did you know that certain foods and beverages contribute too many sleepless nights and in some case not eating enough can also make it difficult to fall asleep? Foods and/or beverages high in caffeine and sugars will definitely keep you up and prevent you from getting a good night sleep. Yes this means teas, coffees, soda and any food rich in sugar content, like, donuts, cupcakes and ice creams.

The best method of getting a good night sleep is by avoiding foods or beverages high in caffeine late in the afternoon or evening. And if you must have a cup of coffee or tea with your dinner try decaffeinated it taste just as good but won’t keep you up at night.

Make a habit to going to bed

Most adults work and play until they are totally exhausted and they have trouble staying awake. Other people don’t have a set bed time like before when they were younger and their parents made them go to bed at a specific time. Sometimes as adults women fail to remember how great it felt have a good nights sleep because of your careers and family.

It is very important that you make a habit of setting a bed time for yourself and committing to it regularly. By making it a point to go to bed at a certain time you can train your body to become sleepy when it’s time to go to bed and this will help you get a good night sleep.

Having a pleasant resting environment

Your sleeping environment (typically your bedroom) should be ideal for promoting sleep. This means an area that is free of loud noises, poor temperature settings and lots of light. Where you fall a sleep makes a big difference on how quickly and how long you stay asleep.

Getting a good night sleep means, cutting the TV off, making the room as dark and quite as possible and setting the ideal room temperature for sleeping comfortably and getting a good night sleep.

Avoid stress when ever possible

While stress is a very real part of a woman’s daily routine it is vital to getting a good night sleep that we try to stop worrying or stressing over the days events. When you stress and/or worry your mind is working on solving problems and not trying to rest. Exercising for Muslimah fitness can help you reduce your stress levels. Making sure you reduce the amount of stress by doing some before bed relaxing activities like reading a book or taking a hot soothing bath can definitely help you get a good night sleep. This is vital for the practice of Muslimah fitness.

By V.C. Murray

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