Neat Kids Live Longer …


So I just finished The Longevity Project and it was one of the most interesting reads in terms of health and longevity I have read in a while. Yall know I am all about the research and this one was one that will certainly weave it’s way into my future lectures and workshops. This was the longest study in US history that followed 1500 people for 80 years then analyzed what helped people live longer.

Here is some myth busters:

HAPPY WIFE HAPPY LIFE – Your life may be happier but you will actually live longer if the HUSBAND IS HAPPY. This research actually shows that the happier the husband is the longer they BOTH live.

NEAT KIDS LIVE LONGER: Yup. The biggest determiner of a long life was how “conscientious” you are. Those who put their toys away, put things back where they got them and on time developed better habits throughout their lives that helped them live longer.

DIVORCE IS WORSE THAN DEATH FOR KIDS: frown emoticonYes, kids whose parent divorced when they were a kids faired worse later in life than kids who lost a parent by death. And divorce affected boys at a much greater extent than girls.

Very good read. I highly suggest it.


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