No Better Day to Start Than Today

Okay I am trying this blogging thing.  Mostly because I realize that many people get their inspiration and information from online resources.  Today was the beginning of my yearly “Get Ready for my Birthday” routine.  Yeah even trainers do it too.  My birthday is March 13 and that’s right after the winter hibernation period.  I always put on 5-10lbs over the winter.  Mostly because despite my attempts to learn how to cross country ski, snowboard and just “grin N bare it”, I still dislike being cold. So I do much less activity in the winter.

My goal this year is to drop 5lbs by my birthday in six weeks.  That’s normally a very easy thing to do however with Fit Muslimah Summit Atlanta GA and the stress that comes with planning a conference it’s going to be challenging to stay on track.  But I don’t believe in waiting for “events” or situations to pass before getting on track.  Life will happen despite of everything and health and fitness has to be a priority.  If I waited until after the Summit then I will never start.  Because there is another summit being planned for July and then another in September.  Needless to say there is no better day to start then today.

So this morning I woke up and was determined to exercise first thing before anyone got up to side track me.  Instead of looking for my workout journal as I normally would I saw an oxygen magazine lying on the coffee table so picked it up and saw the “Beyond 300 workout”. 

This is what I did

One Arm Clean Press                       25 reps each side           15lbs (the only dumbbell  I have in the house)

Box Jumps                                             50 reps                          (Used a sturdy chair)

Lying Leg Raise with Dumbbells     50 reps                              15lbs (the only dumbbell  I have in the house)

Romanian Deadlifts                          50 reps                              50lbs  (found two 25lb weight plates laying around)

Elevated Push Up                               50 reps                          (Used the same  sturdy chair)

Bent over  Row                                  50 reps                              50lbs  (used  two 25lb weight plates laying around)

In the magazine they listed a wide grip pull up as the back exercise but I have nowhere in the house to do a pull up so substituted a Bent-over row.  I could have went heavier that 15lbs for the clean press and lying raise but I don’t have heavier weights in the house.

This was a GREAT workout!  I know I am going to feel this tomorrow.  I might have to just go running instead of lifting again.

I followed my workout with 1 quart of water and a vegetable (mushrooms, onions and peppers) omelet (1 egg + 1 egg white). 

Until next time


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