Quick Workout at Home – Using a Video Game?

Anybody who already owns a Wii console claims that it is the greatest thing


since sliced bread. It is what we have all been waiting for – a true virtual reality for the entire family. As we move, so do the characters on the television. Parents and children alike are bowling, racing, playing guitar, and other games using the Wii controllers, and a lot of body movement.

Well, there are more than just bowling and fishing games on this console. The company went one step further, designing a Wii fitness program. Since everyone was up and moving, they decided to capitalize on it. The Wii Fit is another attachment for the Wii console, which has the appearance of a flat board. Using this board, Wii owners can perform a variety of exercises and get in shape.

Let’s first examine the cost. With any exercise program, there is always a cost, and if the cost seems unreasonable you’ll lose people right there. The Wii Fit board costs a whopping $90 but people are willing to pay for the chance to see if it is as much fun as the other Wii games they’ve tried. And when you compare it to other fitness equipment, it’s really not that expensive at all.

Good news for new exercisers: The Wii Fit board can hold up to 330 pounds. That’s not saying that you weigh 330 pounds, but if you are a bigger person, you can still use the Wii Fit board. Many new gadgets don’t allow for weights in all ranges, and that is a problem for many people. Especially those who might feel uncomfortable at the gym, or don’t have the space for larger exercise equipment in their home.

The Wii Fit uses several exercises to get people in shape. One of the exercises is the Wii Fit Ski Jump. You know how the people jump on the Olympic ski runs? That is what you are doing. The board is sensitive enough to pick up your movements and track your fitness workout. With the ski jump, you are squatting in position for the jump and standing to jump.

Try beating your kids at a hoola-hoop competition, or “running round the track” without leaving your living room.

The Wii Fit board also teaches balance, and that works the abs and strengthens the other core muscles. While the Wii Fit may not be a total workout program, it is a place to start. It does offer a workout, but you will need more cardiovascular work than what is provided with the Wii. It functions as a supplement to an exercise program but not as the whole thing. However, there are more cardio exercises with the Wii Fit Plus, and other additional games you can get which use the Wii Fit board as well.

How long will this new fad last? Who knows, but as long as people are playing the other Wii games, they are getting at least some activity in each day, which is never a bad thing. And what a wonderful idea for those days when you can’t make it out for your regular workout! Even the kids can get involved, making sure “mom” gets in her video game time as well.

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