Sports Drinks for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]sports-drinksSports drinks are not commonly part of most Mulsimah fitness programs. Maybe we should rethink their purpose! Are you one of those with the common notion of sports drinks being a mere wastage of money? If yes, then think again. Here is why. It is crucial for the body to stay hydrated always, especially when it comes to sports. During any aerobic activity, including sports, our body loses fluids and salts. This may drain the body of energy and may damage tissues during or post workout. Here, against pure water intake, sports drinks offer the body, water along with a rich quantity of carbohydrates, sodium, & potassium. This replenishment reenergizes you and regulates tissue damage, thereby boosting your performance for Muslimah fitness without any ill health effects later.

Based on their content, you have the following spectrum of choices in sports drinks for Muslimah fitness:

Endurance Formulas – These sports drinks energize you for long workouts, lasting over 90 minutes a day. High in sodium, pick sports drinks offering at least 150 milligrams of sodium per 8-ounce serving.

Protein-Carbohydrates Mix – Sports drinks containing a combination of proteins and carbohydrates help enhance muscle recovery after a muscle straining sport, such as weight lifting, long jump, high jump, or sprinting.

Low-fat Water – Women exercising just to lose weight, can resort to no-calorie water, labeled 10 calories or less per ounce serving.

Home Remedy Sports Drink – Mix together 4 cups of table sugar, same quantity of drinking water & orange juice, 4 teaspoon of table salt, and 2 tablespoon of lemon juice. Slightly chill the drink and there you go with the right calorie sports drink for Muslimah women’s fitness.

So, get geared for a power packed performance backed by your sports drinks. A halt comes on their intake for Muslim women’s fitness however, during the month of Ramadan.

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