Sufficient Sleep for Muslimah Fitness

[public_post]Muslimah fitness depends on getting the right amount of sleep every night. If you’ve ever had a sleepless night, you know just how important a good night of sleep really can be. Yet we all tend to make this a priority quite low on our overall list because we have so many more important things to do. As women we are usually balancing a hectic schedule of our own combined with caring for children and a household, which in and of itself means that sleep is the first thing to go. We put everyone else first and we’ve seen time and time again how that can create problems down the line. Yet when it comes to getting work done or sneaking in a few last minute tasks, we put a good night of sleep on the back burner.

Reduce Sleepless Nights with Muslimah Fitness

If you’ve ever been a new parent and experienced sleepless night after night, then you’ve seen firsthand what sleep deprivation can do for you. You’ve seen that you aren’t as sharp and in many instances you just don’t function properly when your body is not rested well. In the case of a new parent, it’s a temporary condition as you work to care for your new baby. However there are many of us well beyond the new parent phase that are walking around in a zombie-like state without even knowing it. If you’re not getting an average of at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night, then you are not giving your body what it needs in terms of sleep. Over time this can cause some real health problems and on a day to day basis, this can dramatically impact how we function and care for ourselves.

Many people think of sleep as a luxury or even a form of laziness. Nothing can be further from the truth, for when we make proper rest a priority for our body, we are doing our part to take care of ourselves. Just as you eat well and practice Muslimah fitness regularly to achieve a healthy lifestyle, so too should you ensure that you are getting the proper sleep that your body requires.

Of course taking care of your family and keeping your household running will always be a priority. As you make that priority list though think of ways that you can get in some extra sleep because it benefits your health greatly. Think of how you can reschedule certain activities or even say no sometimes so that you are sure to get in a proper night of sleep. If you are a night owl and do your best work at night, think of ways you can cut off your activities even twenty minutes earlier so that you can get to bed at a reasonable time. Keep at that until you shave off a little time here and there so that you reach the amount of sleep that is optimal to keeping your body and health running smoothly for Muslimah fitness.

As women, we need to make an investment in ourselves and ensure that we are doing everything that we can to lead a healthy lifestyle. A big part of that is getting enough sleep and if we commit to that, we are well on our way to being our very best selves. When we feel better, we work better and the rest all falls in place. To be the best woman, wife, mother, caretaker, and everything else that we need to be, we need to take good care of ourselves—proper sleep for Muslimah fitness is a great first step.

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