Transformation Tuesday: Rahilah Taylor

Fit Muslimah Transformational Tuesdays is a series of profiles of  women who have made inspiring transformations in their health and fitness.  We congratulate them.  We Celebrate them.  We join them on this journey to make a healthier world one woman at at time.

Rahilah Taylor

Name: Rahilah Taylor

Age: 33

Residence: Anchorage, Alaska,

Status: Mom of 3 (Daughter, age 13, son’s ages 11, and 9).

Occupation: Licensed Insurance Agent Allstate

Previous Weight/Clothes Size?

190lb clothing size / womens 14-15

Current Weight/Clothes Size

151.5/size women’s 4-6

How long did it take you to lose the weight? 4 years (2012-2016)

Her Story:

I was on a business trip in Seattle and my aunt in Trinidad saw a picture of me on Facebook . She sent me a message asking if I was alright. I was confused at first, but after she explained that she had never seen me looking so heavy and unwell she was genuinely concerned with my well being. When I returned from my trip I took a long look in the mirror and weighed myself, I was 190lb. I didn’t know what happened or why I never noticed. I cried very hard on my bathroom floor for hours. I had no idea that I was so out of control with my weight and health.

I thought about my career, my family, my children and myself. I had never even considered my health or myself for any matter. I was so consumed with everything else around me, like being a mother a wife and caregiver and managing a department for a satellite communications company at the time. I had forgotten to take care of myself.

I started on this journey when my landlord was throwing out his old pair of green 12lb dumbbells. I asked him for them and he agreed as long as I promised to use them. My progress started slow with YouTube videos at home which consisting of squats and lunges.

I had to make some big changes and quickly. My first change I made was to my diet, I knew very little about nutrition so I did the best I could. I looked at my diet and cut everything I ate in half. I stopped eating sweets and drinking juice. I continued to workout at home and went on to buy beach body workouts and struggled to follow the nutrition plans. I did several of their programs, including Slim I’m 6, hip-hop abs, and Brazilian Butt lift. Finally I found Insanity and learned that running on a treadmill wasn’t so bad. I pushed my body hard and was injured a lot, but I realized I preferred more intense workout routines. My body liked the adrenaline.


Reading about nutrition online and following fitness guru’s like Fit Muslimah, and Melissa Bender helped me to really find new eating habits and recipes that worked for me. I have to say that eating the right foods was my biggest challenge. I started to remove certain foods like bread and rice and milk from my diet. These foods actually made my stomach cramp, caused bloating and gave me gas. I learned a lot about myself and was always eager to understand and research new ways to improve my overall health and wellness. Making these changes gradually and learning over the past several years gave me a much better understanding of my body. My mental health increased and I became much more positive. I adopted a can-do attitude and my children soon followed my example, eating the foods I shared with them and enjoying them as well.

Fitness and Faith

I believe my journey has impacted my Iman (Faith) in a great way. There were alot of times that I wanted to give up during a tough routine and I felt sick to my stomach with exhaustion. I would ask God for the strength to push, ” one more rep, Bismillah (In the name of God), you can do it, keep pushing!” I’d yell out loud regardless of if I was in the gym or at home. It didn’t matter who heard me. I felt like it gave me inner strength, similar to endorphins and I could go one more round. Talking out loud to God wasn’t abnormal for me, but it gave me a great sensation and power. I feel like it forged an essential bond and gave me a unique spiritual connection.

My advice to anyone who wants to lose weight would be to start small, it took a while to get where you are. It will take time to get where you want to be. Love yourself through each phase you go through. And it starts in the kitchen. Cut you food in half and learn portion control. Eating right and making healthy choices is much more important than doing a one handed burpee. Educate yourself on what it means to be healthy, opena book, go online, attend a seminar. Do whatever it takes to acquire helpful information. But most of all, don’t give up keep pushing yourself, if you never quit, you will never fail! And just as important be your biggest cheerleader. Smile at yourself even if it’s through tears in the mirror, you are beautiful!


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