Videos, Pictures and Sore Muscles

Videos, Pictures and Sore Muscles

(2/21/2010) It’s been a long weekend.  But I got a lot accomplished.  I spent Saturday and Sunday Morning recording more than 50 videos in preparation for the workout club membership site I am launching this week.  I am so proud of the program I have put together.  After years of people asking me what to do, how to lose weight, how to shape this body part and that body part, I found a way to answer them ALL… at once. 

The best workouts you can get.  30 exercises completely illustrated (that’s pictures yall) and videos that both describe them and show how to do them.  The concept is 30 minutes a day to reshape your body.  I have combined 30 of the most effective exercises that will burn fat and build muscle.  These thirty exercises can be combined in hundreds of ways so you’ll never get bored and never hit a plateau.

I have to say that taking pictures and recording videos with a 14 year old wasn’t an easy task.  Ever tried to hold a pushup in lowered position while a 14 year old figure out how to make the camera flash.  Yeah, even I began to question my own strength. Despite the periodic technical problems we finished all the exercises and all the poses.  I am so excited about this!  It may be one of best projects I’ve done so far. 

This week it about editing and getting everything up loaded.  The launch will be an online EVENT not to be missed.  Stay tuned . . .

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